mySmart enGauge

Unlock the potential of any building. From simple power meter monitoring to complex digital twins of skyscrapers, mySmart enGauge is non-intrusive and simple to install, requiring no down time.

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Reduce costs and compliance risks

By leveraging your data, mySmart enGauge’s reporting facilities help you identify trends and make informed decisions to reduce costs and compliance risk such as active monitoring and logging of refrigeration and monitoring of assets performance.

Display Anywhere

Whether it’s the phone in your hand or a large screen in your lobby, mySmart enGauge’s interface versatility means it can be displayed according to your needs.


Regardless of whether your building is a standalone facility or a multisite complex, mySmart enGauge’s scalability means it easily adapts to the size you need.

Digital twin

Get a one to one digital representation of the status, history and capability of every one of your building’s assets, updated in real time. This information can then be overlaid on the building floorplan.

Building dashboard homepage

Visualisation of building water consumption

Visualisation of temperature probes in building fridges

Visualisation of buildings power consumption

Visualisation of power generated from buildings solar panels

Data To Empower You

mySmart enGuage collects data from your utility meters (e.g. power, solar, gas and water) and assets (lighting, refrigerators), and can connect to your existing building management system to create a holistic view of your building’s energy consumption.


Generator Interface allowing for monitoring and alerts, run time etc.

active power

The active power shows the power usage and what’s being produced from the solar panels Vs the grid.


Air-conditioning Page allows for global site control and monitoring of cottages and units.

Load Shedding

Load Shedding allows for 3 stages of load shedding with stepped functions. Emails alerts are included.

Control In Your Hands

Your building may be stagnant but your building controls don’t have to be. mySmart enGauge places building controls in your hands, wherever you are, providing remote control of your facility for when you need it most.



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